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What if we have choices when it comes to our healthcare?

What if we research our options and make informed choices as to what suits us best for our current ailment or health challenge?

What if we assume responsibility for our health and are supported in this?

This is our right, to choose either a combination of healthcare modalities or one and to be supported in this. To look at our current medical option and complimentary ones such as Homeopathy, Nutrition, Essential Oils, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Naturopathy and others and to decide which suit us best, at the current time, on our journey to health.

Who am I?

My name is Kelly CS Johnson and I am a mother who did, and continues to do, the very best that I can for my children and family, however I did not always get it right. In fact I dropped the ball spectacularly when it came to the choices I made for my children’s health. I did this unknowingly, I did not realise that I had choices because I did not have the information. So I am now telling our story so that it can help others to make informed healthcare choices, something I did not do and wish that I had because I now know that two of my children were harmed by the vaccines that I gave them, one has Asperger’s and one has Type 1 Diabetes. I did not know that vaccines can, and do, cause harm and so I did not look at the pros and cons, the risks and benefits, of giving vaccines and I did not make an informed choice. Everyone has the right to choose what they put into their child’s or their own body. We have the right to research our options when it comes to healthcare and to decide for ourselves what the science is showing us. I took on “faith” that vaccines and drugs were safe without ever seeing the “science” that I was told backed this up. Imagine my surprise when I did look at the science and found that it told a completely different story. My book is called “What if? I harmed my children” and this website is to show the science that I found and the some of the choices we have when it comes to our health.

I am a researcher, something that I was forced into because of my children’s health challenges, not something I chose but something I now find that I enjoy doing. I also enjoy helping to bring that information to others and am honoured that people find it easy to understand and read. I am also a registered homeopath, but first and foremost I am a mother who cares deeply for my children and for humanity.

Share and help others