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Do you want to improve your knowledge about vaccines?

Do you want to be more proactive when it comes to your health and that of your family?

Would you like to know how homeopathy can help you do this?

Benefit from my years of research into vaccines and my experience as a homeopath. You can find information here that I wish I had known earlier in my life. I am sharing it with you to save you time.

Make this the year that you take charge of your own health, connect with like minded individuals and empower yourself. 

There is a lot of free information here on my website for you to learn from. If you or a member of your family have any health issues why not book a free 30 minute phone call with me to see if a homeopathic consultation  is for you?

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Kelly CS Johnson

I always knew that I wanted to be a mother and so was over the moon when I started my family. As a first time mum at the age of 27 to the most beautiful little girl ever Théa, (like all mothers I did, and still do know, that my children will always be the most beautiful children ever for me, as yours will for you), I blindly believed that the medical profession not only always knew what they were doing but that they always had my, and my children’s best interest at heart. I became rudely disillusioned of this belief when my second daughter Ariana, who again was the most beautiful little girl ever, changed before my eyes following a routine childhood vaccine. Continue…

What if?

What if we have choices when it comes to our healthcare?

What if we research our options and make informed choices as to what suits us best for our current ailment or health challenge?

What if we assume responsibility for our health?

What if  our healthcare professionals supported us in our choices?

That is what I do for those who choose to come to me as a homeopath. I support them not only with homeopathic remedies but with my time. I ask that they keep in contact with me and appraise me regularly of their progress so that we can adapt to any changes in their health.

I am also happy to work alongside of other healthcare modalities and feel that nutrition plays a key role in our optimal well being.

“What if? I harmed my children”

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“Wow. What an amazing book! A truly inspirational story that illustrates the depth and power of a Mother’s love for her children. Aside from being a beautifully written, humorous and page-turning account of the author’s family life over 20 years, the author imparts mind-blowing health revelations that I believe everyone, and especially those with children or planning to have children, should be made aware of. All of this is delivered in a gentle, and I believe most-importantly, balanced manner that makes the reader want to read more, learn more and do more to ensure that we’re all making the best decisions for ourselves and our family’s health. Wishing Kelly and her family all the very best for their future”  More…

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“What a Mother” More…


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