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Breast Lumps – Let Us Talk About

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The following is for educational and informative purposes only. It is in no way intended as medical advice. It is shared with the kind permission of the person involved, a very loving individual who wishes that others may benefit from her experience.

On Wednesday 22nd August 2018 I received a call from a young mother to update me on the progress of her son who is attending me due to vaccine injury. During this call it became evident that the mother was emotional and close to tears and that this was not related to the topic under discussion. At the end of the conversation I asked was everything alright with her as I felt that she was upset. At this stage she began to cry.

She reported:

That she had several fixed and immovable pea sized lumps on the bottom of the left breast at the place where the underwire of her bra rested

That they had been there for five months now

That the breast had swollen over the months necessitating going up a bra size

That there was now excruciating pain which was preventing sleep

That she had called her doctor’s surgery and the first appointment available was for the following Tuesday, seven days hence, which she had booked.

Having established that she had made an appointment with her doctor, I commented that she had never mentioned these details to me before when she had attended me for homeopathic consultations. She said that she had not really allowed herself to think about them and had been hoping that they would just go away.

As this young mother had already attended me for homeopathy for herself, I already knew a lot about her. For instance, I knew that she had suffered upper body physical trauma in the time period just prior to the lumps appearing.

Based on this symptom, and my knowledge of her in general, I recommended that she try a particular remedy and potency while she awaited her doctor’s appointment, contacting me daily so that we could evaluate any changes and how to progress.

She promptly obtained the remedy from a homeopathic pharmacy.

Thursday – first dose taken.

Friday – reported that the pain had lessened, lumps remained the same as did breast size. Repeat remedy.

Saturday – reported that the pain continued to decrease and she had been able to sleep all night, lumps same, breast decreasing in size. Repeat remedy.

Sunday – reported that the pain increased during the night, lumps smaller and now movable, breast size still decreasing. Repeat remedy.

Monday – reported that there was no more pain, lumps were gone, breast back to normal size. Remedy stopped.

Tuesday – attended her doctor’s appointment. She explained her symptoms, as above, to her doctor and that as the earliest appointment she could obtain at the surgery had been this day that she was attending, she had spoken with her homeopath describing the symptoms and had been recommended a remedy which she had taken. She then described how the lumps, pain and swelling had disappeared over the next six days. The doctor examined the breast and stated that the lumps must have been cysts as there was nothing evident now.

To date, six months later, no symptoms have returned.

Do I always repeat remedies this fast? No. The window of opportunity for remedies to do anything was seven days.

Would I always use this particular remedy for lumps in the breast? No. It was based on the knowledge of the mother’s individual symptoms, overall health and circumstances.

Would I always recommend that a woman contact her health professional? Yes. I believe that health is obtained in many ways and that it is every individual’s right to choose what is right for them. To make an informed choice one must have knowledge of all one’s options.

It has been my experience, both personally and with those who come to see me, that it is not unusual for the mothers of children with serious health challenges, such as a vaccine injury, to ignore their own health issues. This is, more often than not, due to the knowledge that they have no outside support, that there is no one willing or able to step into their place to give 24-hour care to their child.

As always, A assume nothing, B believe nothing and C check it out for yourself. ABC. Do not blindly believe me or anyone else. Do your own research and make a decision based on that research.

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