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Colic Remedies

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Below are some of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies, that can be found in a Homeopathic First Aid Kit, for colic. Always remember to read “How To Take Remedies” first and of course consult a healthcare professional if you are at all concerned over your child’s or your own health, the following is not medical advice. Remember, as a parent you know your child better than anyone else and their health is your number one aim, so always trust your instincts.

Chamomilla:     Babies are usually extremely angry or irritable. Very sensitive to pain. Demand things and then do not want them. They have stomach bloating and pass gas either by burping or farting, in fact they are often woken at night by a rumbling tummy and passing gas.

Mag Phos:     Irritiable, but less so than Chamomilla. Pressure on the stomach relieves the pain as does curling up in a ball and warm applications.

Remember the above are the most common remedies for colic but that there are others, so if these do not help contact your homeopath who will be happy to help you with this and other health challenges.

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