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I see clients at my practice room in County Clare, Ireland and via Skype, WhatsApp and Phone.

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation so that you can find out what homeopathy can do for you.

I am passionate and dedicated to helping people regain their health and empowering them to stay that way.

Homeopathy aids the body in its ability to obtain and maintain homeostasis (the body’s ability to auto-regulate and maintain its internal environment in a stable state). I have personal experience in using homeopathy, alongside nutrition, in many health imbalances including those caused by vaccine injury to two of my children.

Most people who come to try homeopathy for the first time will need a Full Consultation and probably one or two follow up Full Consultations. It is the individuals state of health and their response to homeopathy that will determine the number of consultations. Contact me for a free, no obligation, 30 minute phone call to discuss the best approach to your health challenge and to see how Homeopathy can aid you on your road to recovering your health.

I also offer information on how food and lifestyle affect our health. It is for each individual to decide for themselves whether or not to incorporate this information into their life; I always respect that and work with each person on an individual basis.


Full Consultations: €100

  • One hour to one and a half hours consultation.
  • Remedies prescribed on the day when attending in person. For those consulting by phone, Skype, WhatsApp, email etc. remedies prescribed on the day will be posted to those within Ireland and for those outside of Ireland a Homeopathic Pharmacy will be advised where remedies may be obtained. Tissue Salts prescribed for duration of pregnancy are extra.
  • For four weeks from the date of consultation you may contact me for free with any queries regarding the issues raised at the consultation. Regardless of any questions you may have, I will ask you to update me at least weekly with your progress for the first three weeks.
  • At the end of the consultation we will make one follow up consultation for you for five weeks hence. If you feel that your issues are resolved after the first three weeks you are free to cancel it. I respectfully ask that you do this at least three days before the booking date.
  • For those attending me for Homeopathic Detox protocols (e.g. after vaccine injury) the time period in between consultations is eight weeks. I may be contacted for free with questions related to the detox in between consults and there will be several follow up full consultations needed. I suggest that you try three consultations initially and then review your, or your child’s progress, deciding if you wish to continue with the protocol or not. Please note that there is no quick fix when it comes to vaccine injury, the recover journey is often a long one with varying results (I speak from experience of this with my own children); it will require dietary changes and often several healthcare modalities combined.
  • During the consultation I will get you to tell me in detail about your health issue. I will write down what you tell me so that we have a record of your symptoms and therefore can easily follow the progress that you make. I will also take a history of your life so far, including your medical history, so that I can better understand you as a person in order to choose the correct remedy for you.


Acute Consultations: €25

  • This is for acute advice given outside of a full consultation’s time period (four weeks).
  • I strongly encourage you to obtain a Homeopathic First Aid Kit so that you have remedies at home for acute situations such as childhood illnesses, mild traumas, colds/flu, sore throats, earaches and the like. You will then be able to help yourself and your family empowering you in taking an active role in your health and that of your family’s. There is a small information booklet in each kit and I encourage you to attend a Homeopathic First Aid course. If you are challenged to know the remedy to prescribe, or have tried giving a remedy without success, then you can phone me for acute advice.

Homeoprophylaxis: €100 plus cost of remedies

  • This consultation is for those wishing to use Homeoprophylaxis to educate their own, or their child’s, immune system.
  • One-hour to one and a half hour consultation to discuss concerns in relation to illnesses and the understanding of Homeoprophylaxis and to take the case history of the person.
  • Contact during implementation of Homeoprophylaxis protocol to answer any questions that may arise with regards to the protocol.

Extra Remedies:

  • Remedies outside of consultations may be obtained from Homeopathic Pharmacies as required.


Homeopathic First Aid Kits may be obtained from the following websites and the following Homeopathic Pharmacy in Ireland:



Down To Earth 73 South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2; 01 671 97 02

Information on how to choose a remedy and how to give remedies.

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