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Most people who come to try homeopathy for the first time will need an Initial Consultation and probably one or two Follow Up Consultations. However, this will depend on the severity of your health challenge. For instance someone who has suffered adverse effects from vaccines or drugs will need to utilize a CEASE therapy approach (see below) which will take longer. I suggest that you contact me for a free, no obligation, 15 minute phone call to discuss the best approach to your challenge and then decide if you wish to use Homeopathy on your road to recovering your health.

I am passionate and dedicated to helping people regain their health and empowering them to stay that way.

I also give information on food and lifestyle and how it affects our health, whether people choose to incorporate this information into their lives is totally up to them and I always respect that and work with each individual on an individual basis.

I am available for Skype consultations.

I am based in Co. Clare in Ireland and also see patients in Dublin as I am there once a month.

To make an appointment please call or email:

00353 (0)86 811 7676;


15 minute phone call to discuss Homeopathy



Initial Consultation.

This will last one hour, to one and a half hours. During the consultation I will get you to tell me about what it is that is bothering you. I will write down what you tell me so that we have a record of your symptoms and therefore can easily follow the progress that you make. I will also take a history of your life so far, including your medical history, so that I can better understand you as a person in order to choose the correct remedy for you. The cost of this consultation covers the actual consultation, any remedies given at the time and three follow up phone calls in the following three weeks to see how you are doing.

Cost €100


Follow Up Consultation.

The duration of this consultation depends on the severity of the patient’s condition on first coming for Homeopathy. A lot of follow up consultations will only need half an hour, however some will require one hour. During this consultation I will record how you are feeling and your progress since the first consultation. The cost of this consultation also covers the actual consultation, any remedies given at the time and the follow up phone calls associated with this visit.

Cost:      half an hour €50     one hour €100   


CEASE Consultation.

This stands for Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression. Developed by a Dutch medical doctor/homeopath, Dr Tinus Smits, it is a method that utilizes homeopathy to detox the effects of toxins from the body and is used alongside conventional methods of prescribing homeopathy. While it was originally designed to help children on the autistic spectrum it has also been found to work beautifully with other health challenges where the effects of toxins need to be removed, such as any adverse effect from vaccines or effects from diseases such as mononucleosis/glandular fever. These consultations are longer and take an hour each consultation. The cost of this consultation includes the consultation, any remedies given at the time and four follow up phone calls in the following four weeks.

Cost €100


Acute Phone Consultations

When someone has not needed a consultation for a period of time and suddenly gets an acute health condition which they wish to treat themselves at home with a first aid kit but wish to have guidance.

Cost €25


Homeoprophylaxis Consultations

This consultation is for those wishing to use Homeoprophylaxis to educate their child’s immune system. This consultation is one hour long so that the concept of homeoprophylaxis is understood and its implementation. The cost of this consultation covers the consultation, the remedies needed to complete the course of homeoprophylaxis and any questions that may arise concerning homeoprophylaxis during the implementation period.

Cost €100 – €150



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