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I see clients at my practice room in County Clare, Ireland and via Skype, WhatsApp and Phone.

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation so that you can find out what homeopathy can do for you.

I am passionate and dedicated to helping people regain their health and empowering them to stay that way.

Homeopathy aids the body in its ability to obtain and maintain homeostasis (the body’s ability to auto-regulate and maintain its internal environment in a stable state). I have personal experience in using homeopathy, alongside nutrition, in many health imbalances including those caused by vaccine injury to two of my children.

Most people who come to try homeopathy for the first time will need an Initial Consultation and probably one or two Follow Up Consultations. It is the individuals state of health and their response to homeopathy that will determine the number of consultations. Contact me for a free, no obligation, 30 minute phone call to discuss the best approach to your health challenge and to see how Homeopathy can aid you on your road to recovering your health.

I also offer information on how food and lifestyle affect our health. It is for each person to decide for themselves whether or not to incorporate this information into their life; I always respect that and work with each individual on an individual basis.



Initial consultations will last one hour, to one and a half hours. During the consultation I will get you to tell me about what it is that is bothering you. I will write down what you tell me so that we have a record of your symptoms and therefore can easily follow the progress that you make. I will also take a history of your life so far, including your medical history, so that I can better understand you as a person in order to choose the correct remedy for you.

The cost of this consultation covers the actual consultation, three follow up phone calls or Skype/WhatsApp calls in the following three weeks to see how you are doing. At the consultation we will arrange a time for you to call me. For those living in Ireland it also includes remedies prescribed at the consultation. For those living outside of Ireland it may be faster or necessary for you to obtain them directly from a homeopathic pharmacy in your country.

Follow up consultations take an hour and follow a similar pattern to the first consultation in that I will have you tell me how you have been since the last visit and what changes you have seen.

Cost €100

Acute Phone Consultations

When someone has not needed a consultation recently and suddenly gets an acute health condition which they wish to treat themselves at home with a first aid kit but wish to have guidance.

Cost €25

Homeoprophylaxis Consultations

This consultation is for those wishing to use Homeoprophylaxis to educate their child’s immune system. This consultation is one hour long so that the concept of homeoprophylaxis is understood and its implementation.

The cost of this consultation covers the actual consultation and follow up calls to answer any questions that may arise concerning Homeoprophylaxis during  the implementation period. It does not cover the cost of the remedies.

Cost €100


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