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Earache Remedies

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Below are some of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies, that can be found in a Homeopathic First Aid Kit, for children or adults experiencing earaches. Always remember to read “How To Take Remedies” first and of course consult a healthcare professional if you are at all concerned over your child’s or your own health, the following is not medical advice. Remember, as a parent you know your child better than anyone else and their health is your number one aim, so always trust your instincts.

Aconite:     Earache often starts after becoming chilled or being out in a cold wind. There will be unbearable pain and agitation at the onset of an ear infection. Sensitivity to noise.

Belladonna:     Sudden intense throbbing pain, a child may describe it as if they can hear their heart throbbing in their ear. Ear can be red and hot and the pain may extend down to the neck. Often worse right side.

Calc Carb:     A throbbing, shooting pain often accompanied by a crackling in the ear. Can feel as if the throbbing is trying to push something out of the ear.

Chamomilla:     Crying out or screaming from the pain which is often described as sharp. One cheek is often red. Restless, hot and thirsty. Often demanding things only to discard them once given.

Ferrum Phos:     Face alternates between red and pale. Throbbing pain but comes on slowly, may follow a cold or sore throat.

Hepar Sulph:     Noises and throbbing pain in ear. Sensitive to cold touch and draughts. The patient is also cold and can be irritable. Often children shriek with the pain. Better for wrapping up warmly. Can have a foul smelling discharge from ear.

Kail Bich:     Tearing pain. Sticky or stringy mucus discharge is characteristic for this remedy and it is often yellow.

Merc:     Often the pain is worse at night after becoming warm in bed. Ear can be itchy and feel blocked. There can be a foul smelling discharge which may also be yellow and burning. Can also help glue ear in children.

Pulsatilla:     Usually earache come on after a cold has been present for a few days. Person is clingy, whiny and thirstless. The ear may feel blocked and the pain is aching, throbbing and worse at night or from lying down. The person feels worse in a warm room and may feel better outside or with fresh air. The person likes sympathy and reassurance. Can help glue ear in children.

Silica:     Ear feels blocked with cracking and popping sensations which are better from swallowing or yawning. Can have a cheesy smelling discharge.

Lycopodium:     Pains tend to be worse 4-8pm and from cold air. Better for wrapping up warm. They be anxious and want to know that someone is close by, such as in the next room.

Remember the above are the most common remedies for earaches but that there are others, so if these do not help you or your child contact your homeopath who will be happy to help you with this and other health challenges.

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