First aid Homeopathy

How To Choose a Remedy

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Start to observe people. Homeopathy takes into account the whole person. Their physical, emotional and mental state. The acronym CLAMS will help you to observe what you will need to know when choosing a remedy.

C = Complaint, main complaint or symptom and any sub complaints/symptoms

L = Location of main complaint and does it move.

A = Aetiology, cause or what was happening when complaint started or just before.

M = Modality, what makes complaint worse or better.

S = Sensation, how the person is experiencing their complaint.


Example 1.

So you and your child go for a walk on the beach and have a lovely time. There is a cold wind blowing and you feel invigorated. That night your child wakes up shortly after 11 pm with a sore right ear and very fearful.

C = sore ear and fear.

L = right ear.

A = cold wind.

M = none.

S = none.


Example 2.

You wake up one morning with a sore throat. It is on the right side. You are extremely snappy and irritable, in fact it could be termed snide or bitchy. You put on a high necked sweater but take it off as you find yourself pulling at the neck. Oh and for the last week your boss has been quite controlling in work.

C = sore throat.

L = right side.

A = work situation

M = you prefer loose clothing.

S = you feel controlled or constricted in work.


Materia Medica


Sudden onset.

Fear of dying.

Onset after cold wind or shock.

Panic attacks.

Can often stop colds from developing.

Often onset is in or around midnight.


Often complaint is right sided.

Does not like constriction or to be controlled.

Does not like tight clothing – constriction.

Can be quite snappy and bitchy.

Fine going to bed, wakes up with complaint.

Worse before menses (periods) but better once flow starts.


Which of the above remedies best fits Example 1 and Example 2?

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