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Remedies and How To Take Them

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Remedies are most often available in tablets or pillules but can come in powders or liquid form too. How frequently one takes the remedy depends on the severity of the illness or trauma.

So for example, in the case of more serious complaints, such as sickness or diarrhoea, it would be advisable to give a dose of the chosen remedy half hourly. One would expect to see an improvement after two to three remedies, if no improvement is noted then it is likely that the remedy selected is not the one needed. Once improvement occurs the repetition is stopped and repeated only if improvement stops or slips backwards.

In the case of a minor complaint, such as bruising, the selected remedy is given and then repeated only if needed, i.e. after the first remedy the pain lessens and the bruising decreases, then an hour later some pain returns repeat the remedy.

In general the rule is not to eat or drink for 15 minutes before and after taking a remedy and to suck the remedy until dissolved. However, if a trauma happens just after eating give the remedy anyway, it can always be repeated half an hour later. So if a child has just eaten and then has a fall that results in a bad bruise give the remedy straight away and repeat if necessary half an hour later. Children often chew the remedies and this is fine too. If giving remedies to a small child, take two teaspoons, put the remedy on one teaspoon and then place the other teaspoon on top and crush the remedy between them, then give the crushed bits to the child via the spoon. If giving a remedy to a small baby it can be crushed as above and then placed in a little water and stirred, then a few drops of this can be given to the baby.

Always remember to stop giving the remedy once improvement has been established and allow your body to continue its healing process on its own.

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