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Immunisation Options – Homeoprophylaxis and Vaccination

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As far as I am aware there are only two options of immunisation on offer, apart from acquiring life long immunity by catching a disease in its wild form of course. These are Homeoprophylaxis and Vaccination.

In the following I am going to give you information, facts, on both of these. Not my opinions and this is, of course, certainly not medical advice.

By giving you this information I am hoping to empower you to make informed choices for yourself about what is right for you. I am all for each person making their own informed choice when it comes to immunisation. To this end I offer factual information that is not always freely given by the medical profession, so that people can make decisions based on facts as to how they best want to protect themselves and their children against infectious diseases.

First, it is important to realise that what you eat, your lifestyle, your sleep and your environment all have a huge impact on your immunity so it is important to address all of these. By doing so you will build a strong immune system that has the ability to be healthy and recover quickly.

However, we all know that even healthy individuals can get sick. Also not everyone is in a position to eat the perfect nutritionally balanced diet, or to live a stress free life and some individuals have health challenges that mean their immune system is weaker. So some people may wish to give their body disease specific protection against certain diseases, some of course may not, each person’s choice is correct for them.

1. Safety of Homeoprophylaxis and Vaccination.

Homeoprophylaxis uses homeopathic remedies which are prepared using a process of dilution and succussion. Therefore once a remedy has been prepared past the 12th centesimal potency no molecules of the original substance can be found, as stated by Avogadro’s Law, which makes the remedy non toxic.

Some homeopaths do not like to treat with Homeoprophylaxis as they feel that giving a healthy person a remedy is an unnecessary interference with that person’s energy.

In his 15 year clinical study of long-term health in children, Dr Isaac Golden,  examined the long-term health of several different groups of children; those who used 1) vaccination, 2) homeoprophylaxis, 3) constitutional methods of homeopathy to improve health and 4) did nothing at all to prevent infectious diseases. The Homeoprophylaxis group was the healthiest, as measured by having the lowest long-term incidence of five conditions, suggesting that it is not only non-toxic but energetically safe.

Vaccination injects microorganisms that have been prepared using chemicals with known toxic properties, DNA from human fetuses and different animal species, along with other substances, into the body for the purpose of inducing an antibody response. It is assumed that if the vaccine induces an antibody response the body will mount the appropriate response if it should meet that disease in the future. (See Vaccination does not Equal Immunisation).

No studies have been done on the long term effects of these chemicals or DNA in humans receiving vaccines. No studies have ever been done that compares the health of fully vaccinated individuals with fully unvaccinated individuals. No studies have been done that compare the timing of vaccine schedules with the timing of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

19 countries worldwide have vaccine damage compensation schemes (not Ireland, Australia or Canada) that have paid out billions in compensation.

2. Effectiveness of Homeoprophylaxis and Vaccination.

Homeoprophylaxis was used by Dr Samuel Hahnemann, who was the founder of homeopathy, in epidemic situations and has been used by many other homeopaths since 1798.

There are a number of studies on Homeoprophylaxis showing an average effectiveness of 90%.

In Brazil two studies were done, one in 1974 and one in 1978, during outbreaks of meningococcal disease. In 1974, 18,640 people were given Homeoprophylaxis and 6,340 were not. In the Homeoprophylaxis group there were 4 cases of meningococcal infection and in the other group there were 32 cases of meningococcal infection. Therefore Homeoprophylaxis was 95% effective. (See references below).

In 1978, 65,826 people were given Homeoprophylaxis and 23,532 were not. In the Homeoprophylaxis group there were 4 cases of meningococcal infection, in the other group there were 20 cases. Therefore Homeoprophylaxis was 95% effective and in the follow up over a year it was 91% effective. (See references below).

These studies were carried out by allopathic/orthodox doctors and the second was funded by the Brazilian government.

As stated above, Dr Isaac Golden has done a long term study on the effects of Homeoprophylaxis which shows a consistency with other studies of 90% effectiveness.

In Cuba The Finlay Institute, which is a WHO (World Health Organisation) registered vaccine manufacturer that supplies vaccines to South America and Africa, and is run by orthodox scientists and doctors, used Homeoprophylaxis with 2.2 million people for leptospirosis. The epidemiology surveillance after the intervention showed a dramatic decrease of morbidity two weeks after and a reduction to zero mortality of hospitalized patients. Again the results were consistent with a 90% effectiveness.

Vaccination has a wide efficacy range. For example this study shows that the MMR has an extremely low rate of effectiveness for the mumps component, only 15% of those who had received the vaccine had any antibodies.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of a vaccine is measured by the amount of antibodies that the person receiving the vaccine generates. However it is known that individuals who have a high level of antibodies to a specific disease can catch that disease while other individuals who have no antibodies to a specific disease are immune to it. So generating antibodies in response to a vaccine does not mean that a person is immune.

It is important that each person research and analyse all the information about immunisation for themselves and make an informed decision, which will be right for them.

In my homeopathic practice I have patients who choose to vaccinate, those who choose not to and those who choose to use Homeoprophylaxis, I support all of them.

This is a link to a free three part course (each is 10-15 minutes) given by Isaac Golden on Immunisation Options. In it he discusses facts about Homeoprophylaxis as an option to Vaccination.

Below is a video of Isaac Golden talking about immunisation and Homeoprophylaxis followed by an interview with Dr Gustavo Bracho from The Finlay Institute in Cuba. The sound in the interview is a little low so turn up your speakers or put headphones on.



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