Who is Kelly CS Johnson?

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Kelly CS Johnson always knew that she wanted to be a mother and so was over the moon when she started her family. As a first time mum at the age of 27 to the most beautiful little girl ever Théa, (like all mothers she did, and still does know, that her children will always be the most beautiful children ever for her) she blindly believed that the medical profession not only always knew what they were doing but that they always had her, and her children’s best interest at heart. She became rudely disillusioned of this belief when her second daughter Ariana, who again was the most beautiful little girl ever, changed before her eyes following a routine childhood vaccine.

Seeing Ariana go from a child who loved meeting everyone and going everywhere to a child who did not want to leave her side or the house, and had massive “hissy fits” if compelled to do so or plans changed, Kelly obviously started to ask everyone about the vaccine’s involvement. Imagine her utter surprise and bewilderment when everyone would not believe her or told her she was wrong. Luckily for her the internet arrived at this time and so she started to do her own research. In the beginning she was a reluctant researcher but she soon discovered that she was actually quite good at it. What she found amazed her. Also what astounded her was the total lack of compassion shown by all advocates of the theory that vaccines were safe. Her child had been sacrificed for the “greater good” and they were happy to leave her sacrificed, without any aid, financial, emotional, medical or otherwise.

Having found homeopathy to be of huge benefit to the family Kelly went back to college and trained for four years to become a qualified homeopath. She has since trained in the CEASE method of homeopathy which helped her to reverse and/or lessen a lot of the bad effects that vaccines had caused in Ariana. Today if you met Ariana you would not know that she had been harmed by vaccines.

Sadly Kelly’s third child Cole, yes you guessed it, the most beautiful boy ever, was also injured by vaccines. His injury was slower to manifest, when it did he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. To say that Kelly’s world rocked at this stage would be an understatement, let us just say that a sieve would not have collected all the pieces. More research followed along with more hindrance by those who were in a position to help. Cole did not do well on insulin injections as he reacted badly to the long lasting, or basal injections and became very sick indeed. Maddeningly the medical profession were again less than keen in trying to overcome this state of affairs. So Kelly and her husband Nicky sorted it out for themselves by privately funding an insulin pump – well, their credit cards did. Within 24 hours of being on the insulin pump the sickness that had plagued Cole for two years, day in, day out, all day and all night, was gone – imagine that! Today, while Cole still has Type 1 Diabetes, he is incredibly healthy thanks to homeopathy and nutrition.

This journey with vaccine injury did not only affect Ariana and Cole. It stole a mum from Théa, a wife from Nicky and a lot of expectations from both Kelly and Nicky, even though Kelly tried very hard not to let this happen. It also stole all their finances and then some. So Kelly is now passionate about sharing all the information she has learnt along the way for two reasons: 1) so that others can be informed of the risks attributed to both vaccines and diseases, therefore making informed choices; 2) so that others know that recovery from vaccine injury is possible for many, contrary to what society at large may say.

Kelly has written and self published a book called “What if? I harmed my children” and it is available on Amazon. It tells of the last 20 odd years of life in the Johnson household and it is referenced so that others can begin their own research. She is honoured that it has wonderful reviews. She would love you to read it and then to buy a copy as a gift for every pregnant woman you know so that they realise just how important the choice to vaccinate or not is. Obviously everyone has the right to choose for themselves, well that is what Kelly believes but sadly others feel that sacrificing some individuals for the benefit of others is acceptable behaviour.

Kelly is passionate, can get really cross and wound up about things like injustice, cruelty, greed, prejudice and the inability of some to respect others. She can also get quite depressed or have her ire raised by the lack of compassion shown by those in officialdom to the plight of others, especially when that plight is caused by following the policies advocated by officialdom.

Yoga, homeopathy, nutrition, love, her family and her friends – the ones that stuck around and the new ones – are what has been, and continues to be, the saving grace for her. She loves spending time with her family, reading, listening to audio books, writing, treating others with homeopathy, sharing her knowledge and chatting with friends. She lives on the west coast of Ireland and would love more sun. She would also just like to encourage you again to buy her book as it will benefit you hugely – and she needs to eat. Thank you x

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