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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

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I used to think that this was a wonderful saying and interpreted it as, “to live a loving life”, but what if it has another meaning? Well, I think that it does. I am talking about children who have suffered Vaccine Harm.

You see I am coming across a lot of people who are unable to “see” the evil that is happening around them. Unable to “hear” people’s testimony of the evil that is happening to them. Unable to “speak” out against this evil.

Evil is defined as, “profoundly immoral and wicked.”

Well what has happened to these children and their families is just that, profoundly immoral and wicked. The parents, all of them pro-vaccine, gave their children the recommended vaccines because they were told that was the best way to keep them safe. They were, as society sees it, being morally responsible by giving these vaccines. They were encouraged by doctors, governments and society to do this and these wonderful, loving parents believed all these experts and gave their child the “safe” vaccine. Then their child changed or died, often right before their eyes, following a vaccine. Now the same doctors, governments and society refused to “see” this Vaccine Harm, refused to “hear” what the parents were saying, and refused to “speak” about Vaccine Harm with them or others.

Hundreds of thousands of parents all over the world, in every country, are telling us the same thing. That their child was just fine until they received a vaccine – and then everything changed. Their lives, and the lives of their families, were ripped apart, never to be the same again.

Yet, with the exception of a few brave souls in the medical profession – whose moral compass is still functioning, most doctors do not acknowledge Vaccine Harm.

For some it is out of fear because they have seen what happens to those who do “speak” out. They have witnessed the harassment and ridicule that has been leveled at these people and in some cases the ruining of not only a persons reputation but life. For some it is a willful blindness, because they cannot quite bring themselves to admit that they could have been party to this harm. For some it is greed, because never forget that the pharmaceutical companies are not making vaccines or drugs out of the goodness of their hearts, they make vast profits on the products that they manufacture, and a lot of doctors are paid bonuses based on reaching their vaccine quotas.

Vaccine harm is not new, it has been around for a long time, in fact since the beginning of vaccines. Vaccine Harm is not rare, it is just rarely acknowledged.

If a child dies suddenly in their sleep in the days following a vaccine it is labelled “SIDS” (Sudden Infant Death), with no mention on their death certificate of the vaccines given just prior to death – even though those same vaccines list “death” as an adverse effect.

If a child suddenly changes in the weeks following a vaccine, becomes withdrawn, looses eye contact, looses speech, can no longer function in social situations they are labelled on the “Autistic Spectrum,” again no mention of the recently received vaccines even though some list “autism” as an adverse effect (Tripedia page 11). This is my child. My daughter changed in the week following a vaccine. She is Vaccine Harmed however her diagnosis is Asperger’s.

If a child develops Type 1 Diabetes, though there is no history of this down either the paternal or maternal side of the family for generations, it is supposedly just an act of God even though some vaccines list this as an adverse effect (MMR11 p7). This is my child. My son developed Type 1 Diabetes and we have absolutely no family history of this health challenge, my son is Vaccine Harmed.

I am tired of people not “seeing” Vaccine Harmed children. I am equally tired of people not “hearing” parents when they say that their children are Vaccine Harmed, even when thousands of us have done the research and are all saying the same thing. And I am really tired of being told not to “speak” about this.

Let me ask these people who do not want to debate this subject a question.

Why do you think I am speaking out about this?

My children are already vaccine harmed, they have been so for over 19 years and 10 years. I gain nothing financially from speaking out. In the interests of honest disclosure, I have written a book “What if? I harmed my children,” however I have not even recovered the cost of publishing it. My children are never going to receive any compensation because we have no recourse against the vaccine manufacturers, the government or the doctors.

I speak out because I care very much about all children. I want people to have the information that I never did so that they can make their own informed decision and not just blindly follow the accepted norm. If they still want to vaccinate after they have researched all the information on vaccines they are entitled to, equally they are entitled not to.

Things I want people to know:

  • that no vaccine has ever passed the gold standard of drug testing, the double blind, placebo controlled test.
  • that vaccines come with a patient information leaflet that states that it is to be given to parents/patients before a vaccine is administered so that they can make an informed decision knowing the risks that the vaccine carries.
  • that when they are told “the science is settled” they need to understand that science can never be settled, by its very nature it is constantly evolving and changing based on new information that we know today, that we did not know yesterday.
  • that they need to ask to see the “science” that says vaccines are safe, because I have yet to find it, all vaccine inserts state that they have adverse effects.
  • that vaccines contain a lot more than just viruses or bacteria, they have adjuvants in them and that these adjuvants have never been tested singularly or collectively as to their long term effects on the human body.
  • that vaccine inserts state that the vaccine has never been tested as to whether it causes cancer or mutates the human DNA.
  • that for the same vaccine the insert can vary from country to country so they need to look at the US one as well as the one for their own country.
  • that some vaccines contain human DNA from aborted human fetus’ and that the most recent line of these cells was procured from a live abortion very recently because these cells have a finite life.
  • that some vaccines contain DNA from other animals and that in fact the polio vaccine for many years contained a Simian (monkey) virus – SV40 – that causes cancer in monkeys and that this same virus is now being found in several human cancers.
  • that the death rate from diseases such as measles had fallen by 90% or more prior to any vaccine being introduced. That in America they have a Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) and that by looking at this they can see that more children have died from the MMR vaccine than from measles in the last few decades and that many more have been disabled by the vaccine.
  • That no vaccine has ever been proven to prevent the disease that it is being given for. All that has been proven is that vaccines can produce antibodies to the virus or bacteria contained in it. Yet it is known that even if a person has antibodies to a disease they can still develop that same disease. Most outbreaks are among the vaccinated.
  • That if you have already been exposed to a HPV and receive the HPV vaccine it doubles your risk of getting that virus.
  • That one adjuvant, Polysorbate 80, is known to cause premature menopause in rats. We are seeing a huge amount of women and young girls having fertility problems.
  • that “Herd Immunity” is a theory that has never been proven and was proposed based on catching the wild measles virus, not vaccines, nothing to do with vaccines.
  • that 19 countries have vaccine compensation damages schemes because vaccines do cause harm.

Most of all I want them to stop and think. Then do their own research.

The other day Ariana my wonderful, clever daughter who was Vaccine Harmed asked me a very pertinent question.

“Mum why are so many people talking about children being harmed by the HPV (Gardasil) vaccine and not about all children who are Vaccine Harmed?”

It is a good question, Vaccine Harm is not new.

I think it is because the children who are being harmed by the HPV vaccine are older than most when they are Vaccine Harmed. They have had a chance to “shine” in society. They have established a presence – sports achievements, academic achievements, friends, social networks – so a wider group of adults can attest to their drastic life changes. You see when a child is Vaccine Harmed at a very young age they never get that chance to “shine,” it is stolen from them. Then it is only the parents who are able to say that they have changed and for some inexplicable and despicable reason society does not feel that that is enough validation. So parents are often ridiculed and ignored. Now that older children are being harmed it is harder to ignore and deny.

We live in a society which claims to respect everyone’s right to make their own health choices and yet this is not happening. Mandatory vaccination or getting parents to vaccinate their children through coercion or fear is not ethical, it is “profoundly immoral and wicked.”

There is no “greater good.” If society believes that then it believes that it is ethically and morally acceptable to sacrifice some children over others. No one knows which child will be affected or die, all we know is that this will happen, so vaccination is a game of Russian Roulette.

Do the research for yourselves, make your own informed decisions because in the end you and your children are the ones that will have to live with the consequences.

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