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What do you know about vaccines?

I ask this because when I gave vaccines to my children I, in my naivety, thought that they were just a virus or bacteria and some saline solution. I did not realize that they had preservatives and adjuvants in them along with various substances from the medium in which they are produced. The preservatives are added to stop unwanted bacteria or fungi growing in the vaccine and contaminating them, thereby giving them a long shelf life and the adjuvants are added to stimulate the body into launching an immune response to the virus or bacteria contained in the vaccine.

The reason that vaccines need adjuvants to stimulate an immune response is because they are injected into the body under the skin which is not the way that our body was designed to meet a virus or bacteria. Our body was designed to meet viruses and bacteria through our gastrointestinal tract (gut), 70-80% of our immune cells live there. Babies put everything into their mouths and by so doing introduce viruses and bacteria to their immune cells which produce an appropriate antibody response. By bypassing natures design of introducing viruses and bacteria to our immune system we not only cause confusion for our immune system but also introduce many toxins into our bodies which the vaccine contains in order to stimulate an immune response or as a preservative. These toxins effect our cells and can lead to many side effects such as anaphylaxis, allergies, arthritis, asthma, autism, death, diabetes type 1, eczema, encephalitis, febrile seizures, pneumonia, SIDS or vomiting.

Not only are vaccines bypassing up to 80% of our immune system, the adjuvants that they contain have never been tested to see what they are doing to our bodies, either singularly or collectively. Nor have vaccines ever been tested as to their safety by the gold standard of testing, the double blind, placebo-controlled study. To do this one group would need to be given a vaccine and one group would need to have never received any vaccines at all, ever. The only way vaccines are tested is to give the vaccine under question to one group and to give the other group all or some of the adjuvants in the vaccine, just minus the virus or bacteria, or a different vaccine. So vaccines have in fact never been proven to be safe but they do carry a long list of known side effects, including death; the information inserts that come with the vaccines state that they have never been tested as to their carcinogenic properties – in other words, whether they cause cancer – and their effect on fertility in humans is also unknown.

Something else we need to consider is that the pharmaceutical companies who make vaccines have been taken to court many times for fraud and have been found guilty. They also have secured indemnity for their vaccines from many countries, this means that they cannot be sued by those taking their product when there is a side effect. If vaccines were safe there would be no need for this indemnity. The indemnity also means that there is no incentive for the pharmaceutical companies to look at making their vaccines any safer.

19 countries have vaccine damages compensation programmes. They have them because the governments have deemed vaccines “unavoidably unsafe” and in the US alone over $3 billion dollars have been paid out.

So these are some of the questions that we need to ask when considering whether or not to give ourselves or our children a vaccine.

  • Are we happy to inject unproven vaccines containing untested toxins into ourselves or our children which by pass up to 80% of our immune system and contain toxins that can alter our DNA and cause a list of life long health challenges or death?
  • Do we trust the manufacturers of the vaccines considering that they have marketed products in the past knowing them to be unsafe?
  • If our governments are giving the pharmaceutical companies indemnity for their products, do we trust them to be safe?
  • If 19 countries pay out compensation for vaccines damages for “unavoidably unsafe” vaccines, do we want to chance our luck with them? Because that is what it is, a game of Russian roulette, no one knows if their child will be the next victim.

Or would we like to research and find alternative options for ourselves, such as optimal nutrition, gaining life long immunity through naturally caught diseases or stimulating the immune system with non toxic methods such as Homeoprophylaxis.



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