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Why Try Homeopathy?

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This is a question that I am often asked. Why would I try Homeopathy? What can it possibly do for me that medicine cannot? Most of the time when someone asks me this question it is because they have a current health issue that conventional (allopathic) medicine is not having much success with, or they would like to treat minor ailments themselves with non toxic choices.

When someone is suffering from bouts of recurring illness, such as tonsillitis, or a long term condition such as eczema or asthma, visiting a Homeopath can bring a lot of relief. Homeopathy is a safe and effective medicine that stimulates the body’s own built in ability to heal itself. This is how I came to try Homeopathy.

I had been suffering from the symptoms of cystitis for six months constantly, 24 hours a day every day. If you do not know the symptoms, well, lucky you, let me enlighten you. I felt the need to pass urine all the time, day and night. When I did have some urine to pass, I had to hold on to the loo seat to stop myself from leaping straight back off again as the pain of actually peeing was like passing small glass shards. The doctors were baffled as I had no bacterial infection, none of the medicines they gave me alleviated the symptoms and when they investigated with a scope they could find no physical reason. So not only were they baffled but they told me that there was nothing that they could do and I just had to get on with it. I was 32 years of age and so you can imagine that this prospect of “just getting on with it” did not really appeal to me. Out of desperation I went to a Homeopath.

I knew nothing about Homeopathy, in fact I was pretty sure that it was next to witch doctoring, but I was more than desperate. The consultation took over an hour which was more time than any other consultant whom I had attended had given me. I was impressed at the detail of information sought. Then the Homeopath blew it all out of the window when she handed me a couple of small, little white pills. I left feeling despondent and let down. I mean to say, I had taken every coloured pharmaceutical pill under the sun by this stage, and in vast quantities, what could a couple of little pills do for me? Well I was at the end of my tether so I took them as prescribed. Over the next few days, much to my amazement, I found that there were several hours where I did not think about peeing, I could actually enjoy the company of my children and husband. Over the next couple of months, and a couple of visits to the Homeopath, my symptoms disappeared altogether.

Many of the people who come to me for Homeopathy, come in the same way as I did to Homeopathy, as a last resort because they know nothing about it and are desperate. I am happy to say that the majority are pleasantly surprised and more than pleased with the outcome. Is Homeopathy a panacea to all ailments? No, nothing is, however it is certainly worth a try and as it is non toxic it does not cause any toxic side affects.

Homeopathy can also work wonderfully in aiding the body to heal itself from the adverse effects caused by vaccines or drugs, both of which are acknowledged to carry a risk factor. Two of my children were adversely effected by vaccines and as those effects were life altering I would deem them to have been harmed by the vaccines. They have both done well with Homeopathy. My daughter, whose Vaccine Harm has a diagnosis of Asperger’s, is independent and can function well in society; and my son, whose Vaccine Harm has a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, is the healthiest person I know with this challenge. I strongly believe that everyone has the right to choose what they put into their, or their child’s body. I did not make an informed choice when it came to immunisation and I encourage others to do so for themselves. I support them either way.

It is very empowering for a parent to be able to give their child a remedy when they have a minor health challenge such as an earache or a cough and see that child’s immune system deal with the ailment. I know this because this is where I started with Homeopathy when my children were small. I remember my son sitting up in bed in the middle of the night crying with pain and holding his ear. I had just attended a first aid course in Homeopathy, so before I reached for the painkillers I decided that I would try giving a remedy. I told myself I would give it 15 minutes and if nothing had happened I would give the painkiller. Well within 10 minutes he had stopped crying and gone back to sleep. I could not quite believe it and so kept both the remedy and the painkiller by my bedside. He awoke once more during the night crying. So I repeated the remedy and again he went back to sleep. In the morning he awoke as if nothing had happened and raced around the place at his usually breakneck speed.

Over the years homeopathy has empowered me, as a Mum, to help my children meet and overcome many common childhood health challenges. Along with nutrition this has meant that we have only had to use antibiotics on very rare occasions – I can recall two times over the last 17 years. This is a good thing, as your doctor will tell you, because the overuse of antibiotics is leading to a rise in strains of bacteria that are resistant to them which is of major concern to the allopathic profession. Homeopathy is easy to use, non toxic and anyone can take a first aid workshop and use it in the home. The cost of the workshop and purchasing a first aid kit will be re-payed many times over in the benefits that one gets from being able to help members of the family when they come down with colds, coughs, diarrhea, vomiting bugs, sprains, bruises, sports injuries, sore throats, chickenpox and many other minor ailments. I highly recommend that one person in every family takes a course.

So the question to you is: What is it that you would like Homeopathy to do for your health?

Why not take a first aid workshop in Homeopathy and see what it can do for your family’s health? Why not visit your local Homeopath to see if they can help with your health? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.



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